The Lianozovo metro station is almost a quarter completed


All three stations of the new section of the Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya metro line are in the active construction stage. At Lianozovo, the enclosing structures are ready, the excavation and the excavation bracing are being completed, and the in situ concrete works are underway. The overall construction readiness of the station is estimated at 23%.

The excavation is completed at the neighboring station of the line section under construction, 800 Years of Moscow Street station. The remaining excavation work will be carried out after the completion of tunneling.

At the future Fiztech terminus station, works are being carried out on the preparatory phase of installing the enclosing structures of the pit using diaphragm wall technology and the removal of utilities from the construction site.

Mosinzhproekt Engineering Holding is the managing company to construct new lines and stations of the Moscow Metro.

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