A quarter of the total volume of the city’s street and road network has been built in Moscow in ten years – Andrey Bochkarev

A quarter of the total volume of Moscow’s street and road network has been built since 2011, Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Urban Development Policy and Construction, said at the 10th Moscow Urban Forum. Mosinzhproekt Holding is the general designer, technical customer and general contractor of key road facilities in the capital and has been participating in the MUF as the Exclusive Partner since 2014.

“Despite the fact that the main idea for resolving the transport issue in Moscow was the development of public transport in order to compensate for the shortage of the road network, it was decided to deploy large-scale road construction within the city. Since 2011, over 1,050 km of roads have been built and reconstructed in the capital, which is a quarter of the total volume of the city’s street and road network. The number of artificial structures: bridges, tunnels and overpasses has increased by 1.5 times,” Andrey Bochkarev explained.

In total, according to the head of the Moscow Construction Complex, 308 artificial structures and more than 260 pedestrian crossings have been built in 10 years. By the end of 2023, it is planned to build another 266 km of roads, 88 bridges, tunnels and overpasses, as well as 54 pedestrian crossings.

Earlier, Andrey Bochkarev said that the priority road construction project in Moscow was the creation of a system of chord highways consisting of the North-West, North-East and South-East Chords, as well as the South Lateral Road. According to him, in the near future it is planned to launch traffic along the entire system of high-speed highways – 190 km of roads have already been commissioned there, and this is about 60% of their total length.

We’ll remind that Mosinzhproekt is involved in the implementation of key road projects, including the creation of a system of chord highways, transport backbone facilities for New Moscow and a street and road network as part of integrated territorial urban development, for example, on the territory of the former ZIL industrial zone or the Kommunarka Administrative and Business Center.

The Moscow Urban Forum is a large-scale congress in the field of urban development, economics and architecture, which has been held in the capital annually since 2011 and brings together prominent statespersons, urbanists, architects and designers, experts and entrepreneurs to exchange experience and gain new professional knowledge.