“Builders will have to install around 416 tonnes of metalwork to complete the launching of the bridge across the Novinki Backwater. A total of about 4,3 thousand tonnes of metal will be required for construction”, said Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Urban Planning and Construction.

Mosinzhproekt Group of Companies is a general contractor for the construction of the facility.

“The central bridge span across the Novinki Backwater is being constructed using the longitudinal launching method, that is, the work is carried out without restricting vessel traffic or stopping navigation. To date, 183 metres of heavy metalwork have already been installed, with another 416 tonnes to be installed to complete the work”, said Andrey Bochkarev.

The head of the Moscow Complex of Urban Planning Policy and Construction noted that the total length of the prospective bridge will be 615 metres and its width will be 26 metres.

“Construction of bridges, flyovers and overpasses in the difficult and congested conditions of a metropolis turns into a real ‘surgical’ operation, which requires top quality professionalism from designers and construction workers”, said Andrey Bochkarev.

As noted by Konstantin Maslakov, General Director of MIPSTROY 1, a launching nose, temporary cantilever structure, is used for the installation of the span.

“It is mounted at the front to the span being launched, providing strength and stability of the entire movable system. In this case, it is about a 60-metre launching nose weighing 190 tonnes. Its use allows you to launch the span without erecting intermediate supports”, specified Konstantin Maslakov.

The head of MIPSTROY 1 specified that the main span would be made of metalwork with an orthotropic plate deck bridge to lighten the long structure.

“Due to the calculations and the applied technology, the roadway with two lanes in each direction will provide traffic capacity of more than 6 thousand vehicles per hour”, specified Konstantin Maslakov.

Recall that the bridge construction is part of the transport framework development project at the territory of the former Likhachev factory. The bridge will connect the ZIL complex development territories and improve the transport accessibility of the new residential areas. In addition, the bridge will also link the Simonovskaya Embankment under construction with the Yuzhnoportoviy district, which will relieve the Third Ring Road (TRR), Varshavskoye Highway and Andropova Avenue.