Works on the tracks are carried out at the nighttime

“Installation of restored historical panels on the topic “Country’s Life” is underway on the track walls of the Kashirskaya station, which will be part of the Big Circle Line (BCL) of the Moscow Metro after being reconstructed”, said Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Urban Planning and Construction.

Mosinzhproekt Engineering Holding is a general designer and general contractor to construct new lines and stations of the Moscow metro.

“Reconstructed historical panels on the topic “Country’s Life” are being installed at the Kashirskaya station under reconstruction. Two panels have already been installed on the walls along the railway tracks of the Zamoskvoretskaya Line. Eight bas-relief panels are to be mounted here, with four in each platform hall”, said Andrey Bochkarev.

The panels are made of sheet aluminium alloy. Each panel is 4.2 metres high and 1.2 metres wide.

The Deputy Mayor recalled that the Kashirskaya station is a cross-platform. Once reconstructed, it will operate as part of both the Big Circle Line and the Zamoskvoretskaya Line.

“Work on the tracks of the green line is being carried out during the night ‘shifts’ as the station is operational and open to passengers”, added Andrey Bochkarev.

As noted by Yuri Kravtsov, General Director of Mosinzhproekt JSC, the reconstruction of Kashirskaya includes the replacement of finishing materials maintaining the authentic look of the station as much as possible.

“The track walls of the Big Circle Line have already been decorated with white and black marble. Architectural finishing continues in the technical premises of the west concourse, and it is already two-thirds complete in the passenger area”, specified Yuri Kravtsov.

According to him, during the restoration, the decorative panels have been restored to their historical appearance as much as possible.

“The compositions named ‘Power Line’, ‘Planets and Satellite’, ‘Houses and Metro’ and ‘Hydropower Plant’ will be arranged in an inversed manner. The panels were created in 1969 by the sculptor Z.M. Vetrova. The technique is shaping of sheet aluminium in fragments on a sculptural form of solid material. Subsequently, the fragments were welded together and the surface of the bas-reliefs was incused, sanded, polished and faded”, stressed the head of the engineering holding.

Recall, the Varshavskaya and Kashirskaya stations of the former Kakhovskaya Line are being reconstructed to integrate them into the BCL. The Kakhovskaya station is already operating as part of the BCL.