The main cast-in-situ structures of the National Space Center (NSC) building complex are more than 90% complete. The work on the construction site continued over the New Year holidays, according to Mr. Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Urban Planning and Construction.

The Mosinzhproekt Group of Companies is implementing the National Space Center project for the benefit of the Moscow Government and Roscosmos State Corporation, as well as acting as the territory planning operator for a large-scale urban project.

“The National Space Center is one of the key projects not only in Moscow, but also in the whole country. The construction work continued throughout the holiday period, with around 1,400 people and 25 units of construction equipment working on the site”, said Mr. Andrey Bochkarev.

Deputy Mayor said that the work was carried out on the 38th floor of the 288-metre tower and the preparation to install the 39th floor was underway. The cast-in-situ work has been fully completed in the low-rise part of the complex, the roofing is being completed, and the installation of interior partition walls, utility networks and lift equipment is underway.

“To date, the main cast-in-situ structures of the NSC building complex are 93% complete”, noted Mr. Andrey Bochkarev.

According to Mr. Konstantin Maslakov, Director General of MIPSTROY 1 (the leading construction division of Mosinzhproekt GC), 169 thousand cubic metres of concrete have been poured on the NSC sites, and the construction of the cast-in-situ structures of the high-rise part is underway.

“The design solutions envisage the installation of technical floors to ensure the full functioning of the entire tower, considering its height. They are designed following the second light principle – they are combined floors with no slab between them. The 37th floor is a technical one where ventilation and air conditioning equipment will be installed for life necessities of the above levels”, specified Mr. Konstantin Maslakov.

The head of MIPSTROY 1 also noted that the NSC tower would also be equipped with modern equipment. For example, 13 high-speed, high-capacity lifts, ten of which are twin-cab lifts, will ensure the transportation of the potential employees of the high-rising building.

The NSC will be one of the largest space industry centres in the world, consolidating the leading organisations of the rocket and space industry: Roscosmos State Corporation’s headquarters, an information centre, industry institutes and enterprises, design engineering bureaus and other facilities. The total area of the building complex is more than 250 thousand square metres. All the structures, the high-rise and low-rise parts, as well as the congress and business centre, will be coupled by a pedestrian gallery and bridge overpasses.