Construction of the over-head roads spanning Kantemirovskaya Street has begun

As part of the South-Eastern Chord (SEC) eighth section from Marshala Shestopalova Street to Paveletsky direction, Moscow Railway began constructing the over-head road over the Kantemirovskaya Street, said the Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the government of Moscow on urban policy and the construction Andrey Bochkarev. The engineering holding Mosinzhproekt is the general contractor and general designer of several sections of the South Eastern Chord.

“The pile footing of the over-head road through Kantemirovskaya Street has been completed at the section of the South Eastern Chord from Marshala Shestopalova Street to Paveletskiy direction of Moscow Railways, and the construction works on the over-head road have started,” said Andrey Bochkarev.

As he said, a total of four over-head roads will appear in this section, the readiness of which is estimated at 41%.
In his turn, Yuri Kravtsov, General Director of Mosinzhproekt JSC, specified that the over-head road structure on the approach to the tunnel under the Paveletsky direction is being erected simultaneously. It is 65% ready, and the territory and engineering network rearrangement on the over-head road construction site along Kavkazsky Boulevard is being completed.

“As part of the construction of the over-head road over Kotlyakovsky Ruchei near Bekhterev Street, piers and retaining walls are being installed. Also on this road section, four pedestrian undercrossings are under construction. In the area of Bekhtereva Street, the finishing work of the pedestrian undercrossing is being completed, the removal of utilities is being completed at the other three,” said Yuri Kravtsov.

As a result of the traffic launching on the South-Eastern Chord, it is assumed that traffic services will significantly improve transport services for twenty-two districts whose population exceeds two million people. It will also lessen the load from adjacent highways of Southern Administrative District, South-Eastern Administrative District, and Troitsky and Novomoskovky Distrists of Moscow.

Previously, the Mayor of Moscow, a member of the Supreme Council’s Bureau of United Russia Party Sergey Sobyanin presented the Moscow Development Program at a conference of the Moscow branch of the Party. One of its priorities will remain the improvement of the transport situation in the city. In his speech, the Mayor stressed that Moscow plans to build about 100 km of roads annually and complete the system of the chordal highways in the capital. By 2025, Muscovites will spend one and a half times less time on the roads. “Today, we would like to create a city around an individual. Around his wants and needs. Various – from the desire to take children for a walk in the park near one’s home to the need to get quality medical care. The city with an individual at its center. Every Moscow resident,” said Sergey Sobyanin.

The creation of a chordal system is a key project for developing road and transport structure in Moscow. Chords are designed to connect the city’s peripheral areas and reduce the street and road network load in the center, the Moscow Automobile Ring Road and the Third Ring Road. Experts believe that a chordal traffic management system is 20% more efficient than a secluded ring road. At present, the system of chords is estimated to be more than half-ready.