The Institute is developing several key projects

Rustam Cherkesov, General Director of Mosinzhproekt Institute LLC is awarded the title of Honoured Builder of Moscow for great contribution to the development of the Moscow construction industry and a long-term dedicated work. A decree to this effect was signed by Sergei Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow.

“The Mosinzhproekt Group of Companies has the very merited professionals who have dedicated many years of service to the construction industry. They were directly involved and supervised many of the urban major projects being successfully implemented. Rustam Cherkesov, General Director of the holding’s design institute, has greatly contributed to the development of the capital. Being awarded the title of Honoured Builder of Moscow is a tribute to the work of the entire Mosinzhproekt and our capacity to implement the most ambitious construction programmes”, emphasised Yuri Kravtsov, General Director of Mosinzhproekt JSC (the operator of key urban development programmes in Moscow).

Recall that the honourary title of Honoured Builder of Moscow is awarded to highly skilled workers of construction, building materials industry, research and design, planning and surveying organisations and installation companies, vocational training institutions of the construction industry working in the field of construction in Moscow for at least 15 years.

“Being awarded the honourary title is an important event and a good incentive for further development. Currently, Mosinzhproekt Institute is working on several key projects, such as the prospective Moscow Metro Lines, Biryulyevskaya and Rublyovo-Arkhangelskaya, the National Space Center and new road facilities. Not only the Moscow projects are being implemented currently: ‘Prityazheniye’ (Attraction), a unique public space, continues to be created in the Chelyabinsk region. The design institute’s team is capable of solving any challenges”, said Rustam Cherkesov, General Director of Mosinzhproekt Institute LLC.

During 18 years of service to Moscow Complex of Urban Planning Policy and Construction, Rustam Cherkesov has received Commendations from Mayor of Moscow and the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of Russia. He started his career with Mosinzhproekt Group of Companies in 2015.

As Deputy General Director for design, he worked on the Big Circle Line (BCL) of the Moscow Metro and participated in the creation of many landmark transport and engineering infrastructure facilities in Moscow. In 2020, he headed Mosinzhproekt Institute.

Rustam Cherkesov is a member of the Board of the Russian Tunnelling Association and a member of the Expert Council under the State Duma Committee on Construction and Housing of the RF Federal Assembly.