“Installation of the last four mosaic panels “Roach”, “Pike-perch”, “Bream” and “Tadpole” has started at the Nagatinsky Zaton station of the eastern section of the Big Circle Line (BCL) of the Moscow Metro”, said Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Urban Planning and Construction.

Mosinzhproekt Group of Companies is a general designer and general contractor to build the new lines and stations of the Moscow Metro.

“The compositions created in the workshop are divided into component parts before being transported to the station, which are then assembled on site, recreating the original appearance of the composition”, said Andrey Bochkarev.

According to the Deputy Mayor, there will be a total of 12 mosaic panels at the station. Eight ‘fish’ have already been mounted: “Crucian carp”, “Gobiidae”, “Chinese sleeper”, Squalius cephalus”, “Pike”, “Alburn”, “Burbot”, and “Perch”. Four panels remain to be mounted: “Pike-perch” (9.7 m by 3.6 m), “Bream” (7.3 m by 3.4 m), “Roach” (4.8 m by 2.1 m), and “Tadpole” (1 m by 23 cm).

“About 750 people are involved in the construction of the station complex”, added Andrey Bochkarev.

Yuri Kravtsov, General Director of Mosinzhproekt JSC, said that finishing of the passenger area and installation of utilities, including architectural lighting, were nearly complete at the station.

“Some of the light fixtures are mounted at the joint between the ceiling cladding and the track walls, with two more rows in the middle of the hall, in the ventilation duct cladding. Of these, one row will shine into the ceiling and the second will illuminate the platform and tracks”, specified Yuri Kravtsov.

The head of the company added that in addition, the landscaping of the area around the station, the cladding of the external air vents, the emergency exit and the entrance lobby are underway.

Recall, the eastern section of the BCL with a total length of 11 km includes four stations: Klenovy Bulvar, Nagatinsky Zaton, Pechatniki and Tekstilshchiki. Its opening will improve the transport accessibility for a number of districts in the south-east of Moscow.

The Big Circle Line is the main metro construction project in the capital. Its length will exceed 70 km, and it will accommodate 31 stations, 22 of which are already open to passengers. The Big Circle Line will link the existing and prospective lines of the Moscow Metro.