Integrated production safety is a priority for Mosinzhproekt

At Mosinzhproekt Engineering Holding’s construction sites, comprehensive solutions are being implemented to ensure production safety, including during high-altitude works, said Yuri Kravtsov, General Director of Mosinzhproekt JSC.

Mosinzhproekt is the operator of Moscow’s key urban development programs, and high safety standards in the construction of facilities for the holding company are fundamental. The company is upgrading its integrated health and safety management system at construction sites. We are continuously improving the overall safety culture in the holding company. And all of the company’s construction sites are equipped with the most modern equipment by the world’s advanced standards,” noted the General Director of Mosinzhproekt.

Yuri Kravtsov stated that shortly, the company would start erecting the above-ground part of the 288-meter high tower of the National Space Center with a spire (the engineering holding company is the general designer and the general contractor of the facility). In this regard, the latest approaches, solutions, and equipment for working at height are introduced in the holding.

Erection of the National Space Center in Filievskaya Poyma

Such safety equipment includes, for example, anchor poles, special fencing, as well as personal protective equipment: ropes and safety system fasteners.

According to the head of Mosinzhproekt, using modern safety equipment for high-altitude works in conjunction with staff training and regularly scheduled inspections can significantly improve the level of occupational safety and health of employees at the construction site and create a safer and more productive working environment.

“Working at construction sites, and high-altitude construction, in particular, is a complex and responsible job, and we will strive to achieve high operating results without accidents and injuries. Because ensuring the safety of our employees, wherever they work, is the most important priority of Mosinzhproekt,” stressed Yuri Kravtsov.

Recall that the company’s construction sites also introduced qualification marking of personal protective equipment (helmets) to control personnel access to certain types of work.

As the Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the government of Moscow on urban policy and the construction Andrey Bochkarev earlier reported, concreting of the base of the NSC tower is completed on the construction site of the National Space Center. “In a month, we plan to perform the main monolithic structures of the basement of the future tower, the height of which, taking the spire into account, will be about 288 meters,” he added.

Foto: Mosinzhproekt