Mosinzhproekt acted as an expert in the ARCH MOSCOW business program: “BCL: from idea to implementation”

During the 26th International Exhibition of Architecture and Design ARCH MOSCOW 2021, Mosinzhproekt Engineering Holding presented the Big Circle Line (BCL) project of Moscow Metro during the exhibition’s business program. Mosinzhproekt is an official partner of the ARCH Moscow and the operator of the capital’s most significant urban development programs, including the development of the Moscow metro.

“For the past few years Mosinzhproekt has been a consistent contributor and partner of one of the leading industry exhibitions of the Russian capital where our company demonstrates the implementation of major urban development programs of Moscow, first and foremost, the metro development program,” said Yuri Kravtsov, General Director of Mosinzhproekt JSC .

Experts of the holding take an active part in the work of the exhibition’s discussion platforms. During the round table “BCL: from idea to implementation” with representatives of the General Plan of Moscow and architectural bureaus of the capital, the Deputy General Director of Mosinzhproekt JSC for operations Maxim Shmal spoke. He told the audience in detail about the progress of the Big Circle Line project.

In particular, he noted that about 5 km of tunnels have remained for tunneling on the BCL, and this year all tunneling work will be completed. By the end of the year, it is planned to launch traffic on nine new stations and one reconstructed station. Maxim Shmal emphasized, “In 2022, Varshavskaya and Kakhovskaya stations will be open after reconstruction, and another 7 new stations in the east and north-east of BCL will be commissioned, after which the circle line will close.”

Speaking about the modern technologies of underground construction, he also pointed out that during the tunneling of BCL, 6-meter diameter tunneling machines and 10-meter shields-giants for the construction of double-track tunnels are used. “The use of such shields significantly reduces the cost and timing of work by eliminating the need to erect vent shafts and additional structures on the runs between stations,” explained Maxim Shmal.

According to the Deputy Head of Mosinzhproekt, during the course of work at Mosinzhproekt sites, increased attention is paid to safety issues. Scientific and technical support is provided by constant geotechnical monitoring of all buildings and structures located in the zone of construction influence. Among other things, the holding performs end-to-end comprehensive quality control of equipment and materials that are supplied to Mosinzhproekt sites.

“We understand that the metro, which is used by millions of passengers every day, is a facility of increased responsibility, so we pay close attention to all these issues. And we continue to implement the world’s best practices in quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental protection at Mosinzhproekt,” Maxim Shmal stressed.

The speaker also focused on the modern architecture of metro stations. “Several stations will appear on the BCL, the design concepts of which were selected in open international competitions. The first of such stations are already working for passengers. It is Mnevniki, implemented according to a competitive design project,” stressed Maxim Shmal.

Recall that the International Exhibition of Architecture and Design ARCH Moscow 2021 is taking place at the Gostiny Dvor from 3 to 6 June where Mosinzhproekt Engineering Holding represents the Big Circle Line – the largest project of national metro construction.

At the Mosinzhproekt interactive stand, visitors can learn about the BCL project, including 70 km and 31 stations, learn detailed characteristics of existing and future stations of the new circle line, including, Nizhegorodskaya station, which is the basis of the largest transportation hub of the capital, presented this year at MIPIM.

In addition, at Mosinzhproekt stand, guests and participants of the event can take photos near the art object in the form of an “endless mirror,” creating a metro tunnel effect, get a photo magnet with their own image in the background of the ribbons installation, symbolizing the lines of the Moscow metro.