The principles of sustainable development are the base of holding’s policies

The leading companies in the field of corporate sustainable development projects, responsible investment and social entrepreneurship were awarded in Moscow. “The project of Mosinzhproekt Engineering Holding “Principles of Resource Efficient Use and Minimisation of Negative Environmental Impact” was highly appraised by the Expert Council of the Best ESG Projects in Russia Programme and Forum in the category of ‘Responsible Consumption and Production”, said Yuri Kravtsov, General Director of Mosinzhproekt JSC.

“The Mosinzhproekt Group of Companies is one of the major engineering holdings in Russia, the leading operator of the principal urban development programmes in Moscow. In 2022, the holding was included in the List of backbone organisations of the Russian economy in the construction and housing and utilities sector.

“The approach to the sustainable development principles implementation is enshrined in the corporate Policy in quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental protection developed by Mosinzhproekt, taking into account the requirements of both national legislation and international law. The holding’s active implementation of sustainable development practices has been appraised with an honorary award”, said Yuri Kravtsov.

He specified that environmental protection and resource efficient use at all stages of work, both at the construction site and in the office, are the major principles of Mosinzhproekt Engineering Holding.

“Careful use of human, natural and material resources is not only ethical, but also leads to lower operating costs and higher production efficiency”, specified Yuri Kravtsov.

All subsidiaries and contractors at all sites of the Mosinzhproekt Group of Companies in Moscow and the Moscow region are involved in the implementation of sustainable development projects.

Vladimir Dorovskiy, Deputy General Director for Quality, Safety and Health Protection, Industrial Safety, and Environmental Protection of Mosinzhproekt JSC, specified that the holding implements the key principle of waste management, 3R: Reduce (waste reduction) – Reuse (re-using) – Recycle, within the implementation of the Principles of Resource Efficient Use and Minimisation of Negative Environmental Impact.

“Mosinzhproekt Engineering Holding implements the 3R principle at all stages of the works. “Green initiatives in the office” and separate collection of waste at construction sites have been implemented. Meanwhile, 100% of the waste is sent for recycling”, said Vladimir Dorovskiy.

He also noted that Mosinzhproekt carries out construction work in compliance with compensatory measures in case of negative environmental impact: compensatory landscaping and bioresource reproduction work, such as release of young sterlet into the Oka River when work is being carried out in the water protection zone on the section of the Solntsevskaya Line extension from Rasskazovka to Vnukovo.

The Best EGS Projects in Russia Programme and Forum is an annual event where Russian largest companies demonstrate best practices in environmental, social and corporate governance. This is a continuation of the “Best Social Projects in Russia” programme which has been running for ten years.

The Expert Council of the Best ESG Projects in Russia Programme and Forum includes: Alexander Solovyanov, Doctor of chemical sciences, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Deputy director of FBGU “All Russian Institute of environmental protection”, Alexander Borisov, MIBA General Director, Member of the Board of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chairman of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Committee for Consumer Market Development, and Andrey Chernogorov, Head of the ESG Transformation Expert Center, Member of the General Council, “Delovaya Rossiya”.

Along with the Mosinzhproekt Group of Companies, the Russian major companies, Gazprombank and Rosatom State Corporation, PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel, MTS PJSC and Avito (LLC KEH eCommerce), were appraised in this year’s category “Responsible Consumption and Production”.

ESG (environmental – social – governance) stands for a set of environmental, social and corporate governance principles that ensure sustainable business development. The ESG principles are based on goodwill, transparency and responsibility of companies.