Over 12 million square metres of various facilities will be built as part of territorial development within major urban development projects

By decision of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin Mosinzhproekt has been assigned with the functions of a territorial development operator for major urban development projects – the Mnyovnikovskaya floodplain, the territory of the Khrunichev Research and Production Space Center being vacated and the Kommunarka Administrative and Business Center (ADC). The holding acts as a structure that allows establishing communication and business processes between all participants in the development of a territory with a total area of about 1,000 hectares, with the total area of facilities planned for construction exceeding 12 million square metres, Yuri Kravtsov, General Director of Mosinzhproekt JSC said at the 10th Moscow Urban Forum, where the company acts as the Exclusive Partner.

According to him, the development of the Mnyovnikovskaya floodplain within an area of over 350 hectares involves the construction of public, residential, sports, administrative, social and commercial facilities measuring in total about 2.5 million square metres.

According to the approved layout design, on the 90-hectare territory of the Khrunichev Center being vacated it is planned to create a special economic zone and deploy research and production cluster facilities; also, the creation of a congress and exhibition centre and the construction of facilities under the renovation programme and social facilities are being considered.

The integrated development of the territory of the administrative and business centre near the village of Kommunarka will be implemented on an area of over 550 hectares. Residential buildings, public and business facilities, as well as education, healthcare, culture and sports facilities will appear here, including a fitness centre and the Intermuseum Multifunctional Depository and Exhibition Complex.

As part of the balanced development of these territories, special attention is paid to creating comfortable public spaces in addition to the construction of capital facilities. For example, in the Mnyovnikovskaya floodplain, it is envisaged to improve the embankments and a park area of about 125 hectares located within the boundaries of the specially protected natural territory of the Moskvoretsky Natural and Historical Park.

The General Director of Mosinzhproekt also noted that one of the main tasks of the holding in large urban development projects is to create a utilities infrastructure, develop a comprehensive utilities plan for the area, agree it with all resource supplying organisations and incorporate it into the design and construction of the road and street network and utilities infrastructure facilities.

Thus, for the Kommunarka Administrative and Business Center, a utilities plan has been already developed and host electricity, heat and water supply and wastewater disposal facilities have been created, the construction of host facilities for an extensive utilities network is nearing completion, wastewater mains, communication networks, utility collectors have been laid, work has begun to build intra-quarter utilities.

A comprehensive utilities plan for the Mnyovnikovskaya floodplain has been agreed with all responsible organisations. Currently, the transport scheme and routes are being updated and designed considering utility location zones.

“A high-quality transport network is an important component of territorial development,” the General Director of Mosinzhproekt said, specifying that the first stage of the development of a 18 km long street and road network at the Kommunarka Administrative and Business Center was currently being implemented. The drivers for the development of the Mnyovnikovskaya floodplain will include not only the street and road network, but also the Mnyovniki (already opened) and Terekhovo (under construction) metro stations on the Big Circle Line. And as part of the development of the territory of the Khrunichev Center being vacated it is planned to build automobile/pedestrian bridges to increase the connectivity of this territory.