It’s intended to maintain trains of the Sokolnicheskaya Line

“Preparations for the construction of the Salaryevo electric depot have begun in New Moscow”, said Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Urban Planning and Construction.

Mosinzhproekt Engineering Holding is a general designer and general contractor to construct new lines and stations of the Moscow metro.

“The site is being prepared and the construction of retaining walls has begun”, informed Andrey Bochkarev.

According to the Deputy Mayor, the Salaryevo electric depot is intended to maintain trains of the Sokolnicheskaya Line of the Moscow Metro.

“Due to the rapid expansion of the Moscow metro, the demand for rolling stocks and their maintenance is also growing rapidly. That is why a large-scale programme for the construction of new electric depots and reconstruction of the existing ones is being implemented in Moscow”, stressed Andrey Bochkarev.

According to Yuri Kravtsov, General Director of Mosinzhproekt JSC, in addition to the retaining wall, excavation is being carried out at the Salaryevo electric depot construction site within preparation for the construction commencement.

“About half of the soil removal to the landfill has been completed and, at the same time, bulk sand is being delivered to the site for the future stabling and repair building – about 30% of the planned scope has already been completed”, specified Yuri Kravtsov.

Earlier, the head of the Construction Complex informed that the Nizhegorodskoye electric depot was in a high degree of readiness.

“Work on construction of the Nizhegorodskoye electric depot, which will maintain trains on the Big Circle Line, is deployed on the territory of the former Voitovich rail-car repair with the total area of 17 hectares. It will house more than 50 buildings and structures. The overall construction completion of the facility is estimated to be over 70%”, said Andrey Bochkarev.