It will be the world largest space center

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, examined the construction progress of the National Space Center (NSC) within the grounds of the Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center. Mosinzhproekt Engineering Holding is a managing company for the construction project.

Sergei Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow, and Dmitry Rogozin, Director General of the Roscosmos State Corporation, joined the inspection as well.

“Quite recently, Sergei Semenovich explained to me in a detailed way about what plans we have drawn up here, both in the interests of the city and in the interests of the Russian rocket and space industry. The plans are really big, significant for the country as a whole, not only for the rocket and space industry. I would like to wish you all the best and success in completing this grand project”, highlighted Vladimir Putin.

Reorganization of the area of the Khrunichev Space Center, located in the west of Moscow in the Filevsky Park district, is a joint project of the Moscow Government and the Roscosmos State Corporation, implemented on behalf of the President of Russia.

At the outcome of its implementation, a unique research and production, engineering and educational cluster of space and related industries will be created in the Filevskaya floodplain, which will employ over 50 thousand highly qualified engineers, scientists and specialists. The total built-up area will exceed 2.32 million square metres.

The principal dominant of the re-arranged area will be the complex of buildings of the National Space Center, with a total area of​​more than 250 thousand square metres.

The decision to build was made in 2019, the preparatory work began at the end of 2020, and construction will start in 2021.

“Today, two-thirds of the volume is cast in concrete. By the end of the year, the high-rise part (288 metres), which is the most complicated and requires thorough preparation and design, will also be cast in concrete, cast-in-place activities will be completed”, said Sergei Sobyanin.

He also noted that about 100 hectares will be allocated for creation of the largest scientific and technological park in Moscow, which will be included into the special economic zone and will become a natural extension of this entire complex. Scientific, educational, research, production technologies of the enterprise will be concentrated there.

“In my opinion, this is one of the most important facilities in the country. Creation on the same site of a scientific, educational, research, production complex of such a scale specializing in the highest technologies of the space industry has not existed in Russia for a long time. With all this, I hope that by the end of 2023 this entire complex will be handed over to Roskosmos in order to have the equipment, furniture, communications installed, to make it ready for work”, the Mayor said, according to mos.ru.

Creation of the National Space Center will enable concentration on one site for a range of principal enterprises in the rocket and space industry: central office and situational center of the state corporation Roscosmos, industry institutes and enterprises that are now scattered around Moscow.

The National Space Center will include a modern educational complex, youth design bureaus, a business support center, exhibition centers, and a center of production diversification.

In accordance with preliminary estimates, in NCC and the adjacent production facilities of the Khrunichev Center there will be created about 20 thousand jobs.

“12 thousand design engineers will be located here from 17 Roscosmos enterprises located in Moscow. Roskosmos employs 50 thousand people in the Moscow region, of which 20 thousand will be situated here. That means that 12 thousand are moving here from other Moscow sites: design engineers, administrators, and so on, and eight thousand – literally, behind your back, there is the railway, where we form the missile trains, and they leave for the launching sites, there are two assembly and test buildings there, which are currently being re-engineered”, added Dmitry Rogozin, Head of Roskosmos.

According to him, there are already nine assembled Proton rockets, and one Angara, which is now under comprehensive tests and will then depart to the launching site.

The National Space Center will become one of the largest centers of the space industry in the world, bringing together on one site the leading organizations of the rocket and space industry: the central office and the situation center of the Roscosmos State Corporation, industry institutes and enterprises, design bureaus and other facilities. Its main architectural feature, as well as the city-planning centrepiece element in the North-Western Moscow, will become a 47-storey tower rising as high as over 288 metres inclusive of its spire.