The eastern section of the Big Circle Line is almost half ready – Andrey Bochkarev

The readiness of the eastern section of the Big Circle Line (BCL) of the metro is estimated at 44%, the earthworks are being completed at all its four stations and monolithic works are continuing, said Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Urban Planning and Construction. Mosinzhproekt Engineering Holding is the managing company to construct new lines and stations of the Moscow Metro.

“The readiness of the eastern section of the BCL with a length of 11.4 km is estimated at 44%, at all four of its stations, Klenovy Bulvar, Nagatinsky Zaton, Pechatniki, and Tekstilshchiki, the earthworks are being completed and monolithic works are well underway”, noted Andrey Bochkarev.

According to him, the tunneling is also continuing on the section with both shields with a diameter of 6 m and giants of 10 meters, and three tunnels are under construction, and the construction of another one will begin within a few weeks. “It is planned to complete their construction by the end of the year”, recalled Andrey Bochkarev.


Yuri Kravtsov, General Director of Mosinzhproekt JSC, specified that the construction of internal walls and partitions, finishing of the platform and household premises, as well as installation of the system are continuing at Klenovy Bulvar station, the overall readiness of the station is estimated at 46%.

“The work is also carried out in the area of the group of exit chambers and the maintenance point: the installation of the enclosing structure using diaphragm wall technology is being completed here, the builders have begun the construction of monolithic structures. Monolithic works are also carried out at three other stations of the site, Nagatinsky Zaton and Pechatniki, the latter also continues the development of the pit of the station’s technical ventilation plant, the readiness of which is estimated at about a third, as well as Tekstilshchiki, which has already been completed by almost half”, added the head of the holding.

He specified that the architectural and finishing works of the platform section and technical premises are being carried out at Tekstilshchiki station, metal structures for utilities are being prepared, and the installation of a ventilation system has begun. “The tunnels connecting the station with neighboring Nizhegorodskaya and Pechatniki stations have already been run, the work is carried out here on the installation of a rigid base, the upper structure of the track and the installation of metal structures for laying cables”, emphasized Yuri Kravtsov.

Earlier, Sergei Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow, announced the completion of another tunnelling in the east of the BCL: “Recently, we completed running of one of the tunnels on the section from Klenovy Bulvar to Kashirskaya. It is difficult to build a metro in Nagatinsky Zaton: there are many utilities and buildings above the highway. But Klenovy Bulvar is an important station. It will be possible to switch from it in the future to Biryulyovskaya Line of Moscow Metro, besides, it is next to the popular Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve”.

Big Circle Line of Moscow Metro is the largest project in the history of the capital’s metro construction and one of the largest in the world. The length of the BCL will be 70 km, it will accommodate 31 stations, 12 of them are already open. It will allow to unload the existing Circle Line of the subway, transfers and stations inside it, and also allow passengers to save additional travel time.