The southwest metro stations of the BCL are at a high level of readiness.

The stations under construction on the southwest section of the Big Circle Line (BCL) of the Moscow Metro are already in a high degree of readiness. Architectural finishing is being conducted, said the Deputy Moscow Mayor for Urban Planning Policy and Construction Andrey Bochkarev. Mosinzhproekt Engineering Holding is the managing company to construct new lines and stations of the Moscow Metro.

“All four stations of the southwest section of the Big Circle Line are in a high degree of readiness. However, the architectural finishing work continues. We plan to complete the construction by the end of the year”, said Andrey Bochkarev.

As he said, the installation of engineering facilities, architectural finishing of the passenger zone, and service zone is being implemented at the future Davydkovo station.

“When the tunneling from Davydkovo to the transfer chamber at Aminevskaya station was completed, builders began construction of a rigid base and track superstructure at the station and in the passed double-tracked running tunnel,” said Deputy Mayor.

In turn, Yuri Kravtsov, General Director of Mosinzhproekt JSC, added that the installation of escalators in both halls is completed at the neighboring Aminevskaya station. Now, the escalator passage walls and the passenger zone of the ticket hall are being dressed with natural stone. Elevator equipment is also being installed in one of the lobbies.

“The escalator equipment is installed at Prospekt Vernadskogo station. In addition, the installation of internal engineering facilities and finishing work in the office premises and public zones are carried out,” said the head of the holding.

It has been previously reported that the Michurinsky Prospekt station is being prepared to install decorative panels on the track walls and install escalators and office space finishing. The change to the namesake station of the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya line and crosswalk via Udaltsova Street is also being implemented.

Four stations will be placed on the southwestern section of BCL with a total length of 7.7 km. Their commissioning will improve the traffic situation in the west and south-west of the capital; the central stations and neighboring areas of the radial lines of the Moscow Metro will lessen the load

The Big Circle is a vital project of the Moscow Metro construction. The total length of the line is more than 70 kilometers; it will have 31 stations, 12 are already open to passengers.