The readiness of the tunnel-type underpass as part of the Moscow High-Speed Diameter (MSD) southern section from the Paveletsky suburban railway line up to the Moscow Automobile Ring Road is 90% complete, according to Mr. Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Urban Planning and Construction.

Mosinzhproekt is a general contractor and general designer of a number of sections of the Moscow High-Speed Diameter.

“The construction of the underpass under the existing railway tracks of the Paveletsky suburban railway line entered its final straight. The cast-in-situ structures are complete. More than 9,000 cubic metres of concrete have been poured. The installation of transition slabs to connect the underpass with the access section of the future highway is complete, the roadway laying with bituminous concrete pavement is underway”, noted Mr. Andrey Bochkarev.

According to him, the 46-metres-long artificial structure will connect two sections of the main road of the future highway.

Mr. Konstantin Maslakov, Director General of MIPSTROY 1 (the leading construction division of Mosinzhproekt), specified that the interior finishing of the underpass tunnels were underway.

“We are completing finishing of the interior part of the left and right tunnels: granite has been laid on the bottom of the retaining walls, and we have started assembling the metal-ceramic panels. The total area of finishing work is more than 2,000 square metres”, said Mr. Konstantin Maslakov.

He also added that work was underway to arrange street lighting network, to install video surveillance systems, automatic de-icing system and an automated traffic control system at the site.

As part of the construction of the Moscow High-Speed Diameter southern section, which will run from the tracks of the Paveletsky suburban railway line to the Moscow Automobile Ring Road, it is planned to construct more than 10 kilometres of roads, including the street and road network adjacent to the southern MSD section, as well as a number of artificial structures. The Moscow High-Speed Diameter will improve transport services for 48 districts with over 5 million citizens.

The Moscow High-Speed Diameter is one of the capital’s largest road projects of recent years, in which Mosinzhproekt takes part. During its 65-year history the company, which celebrates its anniversary in 2023, took part in the creation of more than 6,000 km of highways, over 100 bridges and flyovers, 300 underground and aboveground pedestrian crossings in Moscow. For example, based on projects developed by the company since 2011, 10 capital’s outbound routes were reconstructed, namely Volgogradsky and Ryazansky Avenues, Dmitrovskoye, Leningradskoye, Kashirskoye, Mozhaiskoye, Volokolamskoye, Varshavskoye, Yaroslavskoye and Entuziastov highways.

Yesterday, Mr. Sergei Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow, inspected the construction progress of the MSD section from the Paveletsky suburban railway line to the Moscow Automobile Ring Road.

“This year we are working on the southern direction of the Moscow High-Speed Diameter, which will run from Entuziastov highway to the Moscow Automobile Ring Road. It is one of the most complex road construction urban projects in the world. Currently, all start-up complexes are from 65% to 95% complete”, informed Mr. Sergei Sobyanin.