Varshavskaya station platform cladding is being completed

“The cladding of the platform area at the Varshavskaya station under renovation on the former Kakhovskaya Line, which will be part of the Big Circle Line (BCL) of the Moscow Metro, is nearing completion”, Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Urban Planning and Construction Andrey Bochkarev informed. Mosinzhproekt Engineering Holding is the managing company to construct new lines and stations of Moscow Metro.

“Currently, the cladding of the platform area at Varshavskaya is 80% complete. Also, by this time, work on dismantling the old utility systems has been carried out, the redesign of the existing technical spaces and the construction of a new monolithic platform have been completed,” said Andrey Bochkarev.

According to him, the station is also being equipped with elevator shafts, and shortly, builders will start installing new utility systems.

General Director of Mosinzhproekt JSC Yuri Kravtsov added that active reconstruction work was underway at two other stations of the section, Kakhovskaya and Kashirskaya.

At the Kakhovskaya station, the installation of the main platform structures and the dismantling of existing utility systems is complete, the construction of the track superstructure is being completed, and the preparatory work for the installation of architectural lighting in the platform area is underway. At the Kashirskaya station, the south platform cladding is in process and the technical spaces in the west concourse of the station are being completed,” specified Yuri Kravtsov and reminded that the Kashirskaya station would be a cross-platform interchange between the Zamoskvoretskaya Line and the Big Circle Line under construction.

Reconstruction of the former Kakhovskaya Line, including Kakhovskaya, Varshavskaya, and Kashirskaya stations, is carried out to integrate the section into the BCL.

The Big Circle Line is the key megaproject of the Moscow metro builders and one of the largest metro construction projects in the world. Its length will amount to 70 km. The new line will have 31 stations, 12 of which are already open for passengers. The BCL will connect the existing and future radial subway lines, as well as the MCC and the MCD, and reduce the load off the existing Circle Line, the adjacent sections of the radial lines, and the operating stations in the capital’s centre.

Photo: Mosinzhproekt