Vladykino depot will be expanded with new buildings – Andrey Bochkarev

As a result of the construction of six new buildings and the reconstruction of two existing buildings the Vladykino depot will be expanded, Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Urban Planning and Construction, stated. Mosinzhproekt Engineering Holding is the operator of the Moscow metro development programme.

“The reconstruction of the depot will allow it to better maintain rolling stock in working order and expand train storage and repair areas. This is especially important due to the growing number of metro lines and stations. The expansion of the depot’s capacity is necessary to maintain a high level of operation of the Moscow metro,” Andrey Bochkarev said.

As the head of the Construction Complex explained, as part of the third stage, it is planned to build two new spans of the storage and repair building, a building for operating personnel, a switch post, a warehouse for escalators, a transformer substation, a group of tracks and a heat network.

“Also, builders are reconstructing a wagon washing station, treatment facilities, a trestle, and outdoor sewerage and water supply networks. As part of the fourth stage, a civil defence and emergency management building as well as a diagnostic post for repairing wagon wheels will be built and the wagon wash and compressor station buildings will be reconstructed, the Deputy Mayor added.

It is noted that the total area of the buildings will be 17.7 thousand square metres.

The Moscow metro currently has 20 depots, 11 of which have been built and reconstructed over the past 10 years with the participation of Mosinzhproekt Engineering Holding. Two more new ones are planned to be built in the near future. The future Biryulyovskaya and Rublyovo-Arkhangelskaya lines will also be provided with their own depots.

New and reconstructed depots are an important part of the Moscow metro development programme, ensuring high-quality and safe operation of the subway. The depot carries out repair work on trains as well as their technical inspection, washing and overnight parking.