“An award ceremony for the winners of the Mosinzhproekt GC’s Construction and Installation Cup was held in Moscow”, said Yuri Kravtsov, General Director of Mosinzhproekt JSC.

Mosinzhproekt GC is the operator of key urban planning programmes in Moscow and is included in the List of backbone organisations of the Russian economy in the construction, housing and utilities sector.

“Today, the prestige of professional builders is particularly important. Our Cup has brought together teams from the Group’s subsidiaries and leading contractors. All of them were able to demonstrate their knowledge in theory and then apply it in practice. This way, we wanted our participants to be able to enhance their competences and improve the quality of work on construction sites”, said Yuri Kravtsov.

A total of eight construction companies took part in the tournament. The prizes were distributed as follows: 1st place – team of INGEOCOM Association, 2nd place – team of Mosmetrostroy JSC, 3rd place – team of MIPSTROY 1.

The competitions, held at the Skills Academy 26 Cadre vocational training centre, included several stages. First, as part of the theoretical training, the teams were tested in three areas: reinforcement, formwork and concreting. The experts then conducted a health and safety briefing. The participants performed in-situ concreting during the practical stage of the Cup: made a reinforcing frame, erected the formwork and poured the concrete mix. Once the concrete had achieved the required strength, the formwork was removed. The experts assessed each stage of the completed work.

According to Grigory Mazitov, Deputy General Director for HR policy of Mosinzhproekt JSC, participation in the Construction and Installation Cup is primarily about professional development.

“We hope that all participants have been able to learn from each other’s experience, meeting on the site of our championship, so that they can use it in future to implement the key urban planning programmes in Moscow. It is thanks to the high qualification skills of the employees who construct the infrastructure facilities of the Moscow Complex of Urban Planning Policy and Construction, we are able to achieve our goals and be proud of our work. Technology is developing in the city and there is a growing demand for specialists of the highest competence. But there has not yet been a forum equal to the scale and objectives for the synchronised exchange of experiences. The MIP GC’s Cup has the potential to become a platform for all parties interested in the development of construction industry in Moscow,” he specified.

According to Vladimir Dorovskiy, Deputy General Director for Quality, Safety and Health Protection, Industrial Safety, and Environmental Protection of Mosinzhproekt JSC, practising practical skills helps to continuously improve the safety culture in the workplace.

“The teams carried out all tasks strictly in compliance with SMART 12’s corporate health and safety regulations. We all benefited from the participants’ willingness and aspiration to be leaders, to improve their qualifications and professional skills, because in fact the construction site has won today”, said Vladimir Dorovskiy.

This was the first time the Mosinzhproekt GC’s Construction and Assembly Cup (CAC) had been held. Such professional competitions are planned to become systematic, with the next stage taking place at the winners’ site.