Our advantages

We implement technologically complex and socially significant projects of the city

We are capable to solve ambitious tasks and achieve high results

We are focused on the implementation of modern quality standards and the international EPC methodology

We value the expertise of our specialists and are always open to cooperation



How to join our team

Step 1
Choose a vacancy and fill in the application form
We update the list of current vacancies on our website, as well as on the Headhunter website, every week. You can leave a response here or send your resume to On average, we review applications within two weeks
Step 2
Pass an interview with HR
If your experience meets the vacancy requirements, you will be contacted by a recruitment specialist to arrange an interview. We conduct interviews in person or online format
Step 3
Pass remote testing
Based on the results of the interview, the recruitment specialist will send you a link to the online testing, which consists of aptitude tests and personality questionnaires
Step 4
Pass an interview with the manager
Based on the test results, you will be invited to an interview with the hiring manager
Step 5
Get a job offer
In case of mutual interest, we will discuss the working conditions in detail and prepare an offer for you