Volunteering has become an integral part of the social mission of Mosinzhproekt Holding. This is not a one-time “subbotnik” (Community Cleanup Day) but a part of the corporate culture based on humanistic values, the development of initiative, and creativity. The management and employees of our company share the same values and are willing to voluntarily devote their time and share professional knowledge for the benefit of society.


employees involved


general corporate events per year

> 1,5 million rubles

of collected funds annually


author’s projects of employees


New Year’s gifts a year are sent to boarding schools for children who experience hardship

the amount of warm-heartedness

Participation in the corporate volunteering program provides several advantages:

opportunity to implement your own volunteer initiatives

development of personal expertise in the field of social design

participation in thematic events

meeting with experts in charity and corporate volunteering

The company regularly carries out general corporate charitable activities for people who experience hardship in their lives.

Mosinzhproekt Corporate Volunteering Programs

Support for socially vulnerable segments of society
orphans, pensioners, disabled people, supervising the veterans’ club
Mutual assistance
assistance to employees who experience hardship
donation of whole blood and its components
Intellectual volunteering
pro bono platform on
Environmental protection
green office, collection, and disposal of plastics, waste paper, batteries, forest planting, work in protected areas, assistance to animal sanctuaries

Special projects of the volunteer program – corporate charity events

  • Support and congratulations to veterans
  • Collection and disposal of plastics and batteries
  • Concert for the wards of the boarding school for pensioners and disabled people
  • Training of students from sponsored institutions for the Day of Knowledge
  • Charity Fair
  • A tent camp for students from a sponsored institution
  • Happy New Year to the elderly
  • Letters to Ded Moroz
  • Charity matches
  • Tree planting
  • Collecting feeding stuff for animal sanctuaries
  • Donation of blood
  • Participation in the Box of Courage campaign
  • Pro bono platform on