The social partnership system of the holding aims to coordinate the interests of employees and employers in the regulation of labor relations and the implementation of social policy. The Company fulfills all its obligations under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, collective agreements of enterprises, and joint decisions.

The main tasks of employees ‘ representatives in the social partnership are to represent the rights and interests of employees during collective negotiations, the conclusion or amendment of the collective agreement, monitoring its implementation, and settlement of labor disputes.

The primary trade union organization of JSC Mosinzhproekt was established in 2015. Marina Mikhailovna Feofanova, Chairman of the Trade Union Committee.

Our trade union organization works responsibly, strives to be useful and interesting for everyone. We have effectively built internal communication systems between the company’s employees, the trade union, and the employer. The main proof of this is the collective agreement signed and registered in January until December 2023.


Chairman of the Trade Union Committee of JSC Mosinzhproekt

The trade union aims to improve labor and social conditions and works in the following areas:


Social and labor relations

  • Participation in labor disputes, legal advice
  • Financial assistance in case of severe life circumstances
  • Monitoring of compliance with labor legislation, implementation of the concluded collective agreement
  • Improvement and maintenance of working conditions, industrial safety


Cultural events

  • Weekend trips
  • Guided tours
  • Conducting corporate, thematic events
  • Tickets for the children’s New Year party, purchasing of New Year’s gifts for the children of trade union members
  • Theater Community
  • Meetings with speakers, training



  • Organization of the volunteer movement
  • Support for construction industry veterans
  • Support for retired employees
  • Conducting charity events


Sports and a healthy lifestyle

  • Promotion of a healthy lifestyle
  • Development of the corporate sport
  • Conducting sports events, tournaments, sports competitions
  • Vouchers to children’s health camps and health resorts

Trade union achievements

Has a leading position among trade union organizations in the industry

100% involvement of union members

Union members achieve the highest results in sports and professional competitions

A collective agreement was signed and registered valid until December 2023