Elektrozavodskaya Metro Station

Big Circle Line (BCL)

Station open: December 31, 2020

  • Mosinzhproekt is the managing company to construct new lines and stations of the Moscow Metro.

The architectural solution of Elektrozavodskaya station:

A striking feature is a 163-meter-long panel on the track wall “Battle of the Heroes,” by artist Alexander Rukavishnikov which depicts the collective image of the defender of ancient Rus’. The panel is made on the glass in the technique of multicolor printing. In combination with other decorative elements of the station – lighting and three-dimensional structures – the station creates a complete spatial composition.

Longitudinal beams connect two rows of columns in the round, the station lights are installed in the round end-to-end openings. The columns are decorated with polished slabs of garnet amphibolite, the floor is lined with polished slabs of gabbro-diabase, and the stairs with light gray granite.

Elektrozavodskaya is a shallow station (23 meters), columned, three-spanned, with one surface concourse.
Modern smoke control, ventilation, water supply, firefighting, communications, and power supply systems have been installed at the station.

Granite paving (10.6 thousand square meters) and pavement (10.5 thousand square meters), landscaping (10.4 thousand square meters), 30 benches, and 20 litter-boxes were installed within the landscaping of the surrounding area.

In the future, based on the metro station will be a transport hub. In addition, there will be a pedestrian bridge over the Yauza River, which will connect Semenovskaya and Rubtsovskaya embankments.


The Big Circle Line is a key project for developing the Moscow metro network and one of the most significant projects in global metro construction. The length of the BCL will be 70 km and will accommodate 31 metro stations. The BCL will become the longest circular subway line in the world, overtaking the 2nd Ring Line in Beijing.

The BCL will connect the existing and prospective radial metro lines, as well as the Moscow Central Circle and the Moscow Central Diameter (MCD) and lessen the load on the existing Circle Line and adjacent sections of radial lines, as well as operating stations in the center of the capital. BCL will allow passengers to choose the most convenient routes when moving around the city, reduce travel time and provide comfort when using the metro. In addition, the commissioning of the BCL partially relieves the traffic arteries, thereby having a positive impact on the environmental situation in the capital.

Mosinzhproekt is designing and building on all sections of the BCL. By the summer of 2021, 12 stations of the new circle line are in operation, including Delovoi Tsentr, Shelepikha, Khoroshyovskaya, CSKA and Petrovsky Park (opened as part of the first start-up section on February 26, 2018), Savyolovskaya (opened December 30, 2018), Aviamotornaya, Lefortovo and Nizhegorodskaya (opened March 27, 2020, along with four stations of the Nekrasovskaya line), Elektrozavodskaya (opened December 31, 2020), Mnyovniki and Narodnoye Opolcheniye (opened April 1, 2021).

Photo: Mosinzhproekt, Moscow Stroykomplex