The National Space Center (NSC) is implemented in Moscow by the commission of Russian President Vladimir Putin

  • The project is implemented by the Moscow City Government and Roscosmos State Corporation
  • Mosinzhproekt is a general designer and general contractor of the construction site

6.9 ha – site area
250 000 sq. m – total area of facilities
35 000 sq. m – total construction area
95 000 sq. m – office space area
309 – parking space

The group of buildings of the NSC is erected on the site located in the northern part of the Moscow site of the Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center in Filevskaya Poyma.

The NSC will be one of the largest space industry centers in the world. Its establishment will consolidate the leading organizations of the rocket-space industry on one site: the Central Office and Situation Center of Roscosmos State Space Corporation, sectoral research institutes and enterprises, the youth design bureaus, and other facilities.

The main architectural feature of the NSC building will be a 47-story tower more than 288 m high with a spire.

The architectural appearance of the group of buildings of the National Space Center was defined in July 2019 as a result of the competition for the architectural and urban planning concept. The winner is the architectural bureau UNK project. The concept was based on the idea of structuring coaxial blocks abutting to a closed pedestrian gallery. A triangular-shaped tower with a spire in the eastern part of the site is the high-rise landmark of the complex.

The highest standards of work standards, industrial safety, and environmental protection are applied during the construction of the NSC.

It is also planned to actively develop the adjacent vacated territory of the Khrunichev Center with an area of 90 hectares. It is planned to create a special economic zone on this territory, locate the enterprises of scientific and production cluster, create an exhibition center, residential development, and social facilities.

Twenty thousand workplaces will be created in the NSC under construction and on the adjacent industrial territory. This area will be integrated into the transport system of the city. In particular, two automobile and pedestrian bridges will be built across the Moskva River to Mnevnikovskaya Poyma. Mosinzhproekt acts as a Managing Company for the construction of the NSC and the operator of the territory development of a major urban planning project.

Mosinzhproekt engineering holding acts as an operator of the developing area of a major urban development project — Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center.

Photo: architectural concept of the NSC (project)