Rudnevo Electric Depot

Electric depot opening: first stage – June 3, 2019, second stage – August 19, 2020

  • General contractor: Mosinzhproekt JSC
  • General designer: Mosinzhproekt JSC

The Rudnevo Electric Depot is designed to service subway trains of the new Nekrasovskaya line. There are 46 main buildings and structures on its territory, including the stabling and repair building for 30 trains, a washing chamber to prepare trains for the line, and a repair area with seven ditches. The area of the electric depot: 20.74 ha. The total construction area: 64.8 thousand square meters.

The new electric depot carries out diagnostics of the rolling stock operating on the line, checks the operability and maintenance of air conditioning systems, communication lines, scheduled and unscheduled repairs, internal cleaning of cars. More than one thousand jobs were created at the enterprise.

On the territory of the electric depot are built:

As part of the first phase, 37 buildings, and structures, including:

• stabling and repair building with a car washing room and production areas
• an administrative and amenity building (restrooms for locomotive crews, a canteen, a medical facility, a gym, and an assembly hall)
• a motor depot building
• an operations building, the building of ABC with a maintenance and repair area, a washroom and an interdepartmental vehicle parking area
• traction and step-down substation
• park section and pointsman’s box
• compressor station
• civil defense and emergency protection structure
• auxiliary buildings and several infrastructural facilities

As part of the second phase:

• buildings of the electromechanical service, repair and construction site, and combined warehouse
• second-stage stabling and repair building

As part of the landscaping in the depot, arranged flower gardens and lawns, planted trees and shrubs. The total area of landscaping is more than 110 thousand square meters.

During construction, several advanced engineering and technological solutions were applied at the facility: in particular, a light control system was implemented, which had not previously been used at other depots, and a water ceiling radiant heating was installed to heat the stabling and repair complex (previously, the depot used heating in trenches and electric convectors).

The electric depot has automatic fire extinguishing and security alarm systems to prevent unauthorized access attempts and personnel notification systems.


Rudnevo Electric Depot – the winner in the Best Implemented Project for Construction of Metro and Railway Transport Facilities category of The Best Implemented Project in the Construction Industry competition

Photo: Mosinzhproekt, Moscow Stroykomplex