For us, sustainable development of the company is, first of all, ensuring the qualitative growth of our business and creating long-term value for all our stakeholders. Our key objectives are to integrate the principles of sustainable development into the foundation of all our business processes and foster a sustainable development culture among both internal and external stakeholders.

Realizing the scale of global problems addressed by the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we recognize the need to cooperate in the international community’s interests. To determine the vector of our business development, we rely on our internal expertise, the opinions of our stakeholders and take into account global trends.

We have identified key SDGs that are in line with our business strategy. We intend to focus on selected goals. We are already making a measurable contribution to their achievement, the volume of which we plan to increase. We realize that external factors and changing stakeholder expectations can affect the approved course, so we aim to review the selected strategic directions annually and adjust accordingly.

Good health and well-being

Mosinzhproekt holding believes that the health of employees is an essential factor in business success. Therefore, the company has developed a corporate system of health protection and disease prevention that includes measures to manage occupational risks. Detailed information can be found in the Occupational Health and Safety section.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

The holding follows a policy of respecting the human rights of working people and supporting the economic well-being of its employees. The holding ensures the physical and economic safety of its employees. Being the leader in the Moscow construction market and leading company in the Russian construction market, the holding ensures stability and confidence in the future of its employees and their families.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

The holding is an operator of the Moscow Metro development program; a participant of the Moscow transport interchange hubs development program; a general designer; a general contractor; and a technical customer of the largest Moscow road facilities, thus being a key link in the process of the creation of high-quality urban infrastructure. In its activities, the holding is focused on modern innovative developments in design and construction.

Sustainable cities and communities

The holding designs and creates objects of the urban environment, taking into account the strategy of further developing a metropolis. The solutions offered by the holding set new standards in terms of reliability, safety, and environmental friendliness of construction solutions to create a modern, comfortable urban environment. Our professionals find the most effective and environmentally friendly solutions to urban planning tasks. The holding applies modern, safe technologies to create comfort and preserve the environment of cities and localities.

Responsible consumption and production

The holding is committed to the principles of efficient use of resources and minimizing the negative impact on the environment at all stages of work:

  • Maximum diversion of waste generated for disposal to reduce the amount of garbage burie
  • Segregation of generated waste during its accumulation and preparation for recycling
  • Priority of generated waste recycling over disposal
  • Avoiding unauthorized waste dumping and littering of territories

Every year the holding’s construction facilities compete among environmental professionals in preparation for World Environment Day. One of the criteria for determining the best professionals in developing and implementing a program of measures is to improve environmental safety as part of the implementation of contractual obligations at construction facilities.

Thus, the holding continues to involve more and more people in environmental protection, gradually forming a trend in the holding for environmentally friendly conduct of activities at all stages of work.

Life on land
Preserving terrestrial ecosystems, promoting their sustainable use, sustainable forestry, fighting desertification, stopping and reversing land degradation, and halting biodiversity loss

The holding in its activities takes part in projects to maintain diversity (reference project – Zaryadye Park in Moscow), operates in accordance with the project documentation that has passed the examination in compliance with all compensating measures in case of negative impact on environmental components, takes measurements on the rational use of land and water resources:

  • Cutting of trees and green space is carried out in the autumn and winter period (outside the periods of nesting and breeding). Measures to minimize disturbance of wintering animals are provided
  • Green areas are protected by a solid fence 2 m high, at a distance of at least 0.5 m from the tree trunk, with the arrangement of a wooden deck around the fence with a radius of 0.5 m
  • Movement and parking of vehicles and construction equipment are carried out only within the allotted land, with maximum use of the existing road network. Transport movement is carried out strictly within the speed limits of each road section.
  • Timely execution of necessary drainage works, installation of vehicle wheel washes with recycling water supply system is arranged to avoid waterlogging or drainage of surrounding biogeocenoses
  • The fertile layer is restored only during the warm season. Technical and biological reclamation of disturbed lands is conducted
  • Remedial landscaping/bioresource reproduction activities are performed (for example, the release of sterlet into the Oka River during works in the water protection zone)