Occupational safety and health protection

Ensuring the health and safety of Mosinzhproekt employees and contractors wherever they work is our top priority. Thousands of our contractors work on construction sites. A high level of health and safety management helps create a safer and more productive work environment.

Mosinzhproekt’s occupational health and safety risk management strategy:

Building barriers to the admission of company employees and contractors who are at risk, organizing mandatory and in-depth medical check-ups only in clinics that have passed qualification assessment, forming and monitoring cardiovascular disease risk groups, holding health days, organizing vaccinations for employees

Organizing effective emergency response (step-by-step first aid and medical assistance, timely evacuation to the clinic, regular training sessions on practicing aid skills and testing the operability of emergency response schemes)

Support and promotion of healthy lifestyle programs (promotion of healthy lifestyles, prevention of smoking and alcohol/drug usage, voluntary health insurance system)


Mosinzhproekt takes a systematic approach to respond and being proactive about the epidemiological situation in the country and combating the spread of COVID-19, focusing on the health of the company’s employees and contractors.

Operational coordination of the fight against COVID-19, including comprehensive monitoring and interaction with state authorities, is carried out by a specially created headquarters.

Mosinzhproekt has implemented a set of preventive measures to keep employees and contractors healthy and safe.