Process safety

Process safety is one of the key elements in the development of the company, as it is directly related to production activities. We would like to increase process safety level of the holding company by applying advanced technologies and best practices in QHSE.

Mosinzhproekt standards

To date, the company has enacted a number of key documents:

  • JSC Mosinzhproekt policy, including its subsidiaries and affiliates, referring quality, labor protection, industrial safety, and environmental protection
  • JSC Mosinzhproekt policy, including its subsidiaries and affiliates, referring alcohol and narcotics, and psychotropic substances usage
  • JSC Mosinzhproekt policy, including its subsidiaries and affiliates, referring intervention in dangerous situations – the right to suspend (stop) work
  • Interaction Policy with Contractors and Suppliers in QHSE

You can find a full list of the HSE Mosinzhproekt requirements in the Policies and Standards section.

Training and development

The Holding actively involves Mosinzhproekt employees of various levels and contractors’ employees in the process of establishing a culture of safe behavior.
The company has developed a training system for employees, which actively uses the experience of leadership development and internal coaching in QHSE.


Contractors’ compliance with QHSE standards is one of the basic selection criteria for the company during the contractor bidding process. Contractors go through several stages of control before starting work.
In addition, Mosinzhproekt has a system for rating contractors, which is based on the results of daily QHSE inspections. The corporate database of counterparties is maintained.


Mosinzhproekt actively implements the best practices in QHSE in its projects. Thus, to increase the efficiency and technological security level, a digital QHSE solutions platform is being introduced:

  • internal and external test management
  • incident management
  • accident investigation
  • QHSE events management
  • medical check-up management

An intelligent video surveillance system is being created; the main purpose is to improve safety at construction sites and respond quickly to dangerous situations. The system will identify the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) to laborers. There will also be the possibility of automatic detection and warning of abnormal situations.